Our overall aim with TutorBranch is to give tutors and tutoring agencies easy access to the best possible remote learning tools. This support section is intended to give you an overall idea of how to use the system... it is a work in progress, so if anything is unclear, please do let us know!

There are three types of users on TutorBranch:

Agencies - this is the primary account type that manages all the tutors and students for a particular agency. With your agency login you can add/remove tutors and students and assign a particular student to a tutor and vice versa. If you are a tutor working on your own (i.e. not via an agency), you will still have an agency login... the only difference will be that you will only use it to manage your students (as you are the only tutor, there won't be any need to manage tutors!). Agencies can't initiate online classroom sessions as they are for administration only, not for tutoring. Agencies can, however, view details of classroom sessions that have occurred.

Tutors & Students - these accounts can only be added from within the agency account as all tutors and students are associated with one agency. If you've lost your login details for your tutor or student account, please get in touch with your agency and they'll be able to re-send your details. Tutor and student accounts can initiate online classroom sessions.